April 5, 2016


PHX Outreach For Adults Children & Homeless Inc; 2016 Projections

Project 1:

After The Bell Program focus:

  • Reduce truancy and drop out rates,
  • increase or improve foundational academic performance levels
  • improve transition rates between high school and college
  • decrease bullying in communities in and out of school
  • use education as a tool to solve socio-economic problems in underserved communities

Strategy: Implementation of approaches & activities leading to systemic socio-economic & scholastic changes. 


  • Provide 1&1 help/support-homework assistance, after school nutrition program 
  • STEM Workshops
  • Bullying Workshops
  • Math, Science and Music projects, programs
  • ESL programs
  • College Prep
  • Counseling Services

Project 2

Workforce Empowerment

  • Job Skills training
  • 21st century skills set (Communication, critical thinking, interdisciplinary team playing, cross cultural skills, research, analysis, evaluation, time management, planning, project management and negotiation)
  • Resume writing assistance
  • Ethics (workplace appropriateness and dress code) 
  • Computer Literacy (Microsoft Offices Suite Tools) 
  • Recruiting/Onboarding

Project 3

Community Upliftment/Improvement

  •  literacy
  •  health and wellness
  • Socio economic status
  • Nutrition 

Project 4

Providing services gared at decreasing:

  • incarceration of youth with existing incarcerated parent
  • Homelessness rates
  •  Opioid Addiction
  • Disease burden

Project 5 

Refugees Integration Program:

Refugees in the United States suffer great hardships! They are in a foreign land; having great need of basic health, human services, advocacy, education toward integration, often not having basic shelter, clothing, or nutritional needs met. Together we can join hands and do this with your disinterested partnership.