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Your tax deductible donation is decreasing crime, poverty, incarceration rate increase and helping PHX Outreach... to build stronger communities through educational strategies and scientific innovation as a fresh approach to boosting accademic achievement performance and socio ecconomic status.
Go to Community School Programs

Community School Programs

Using a bottom up approach to uplift families through education which addresses out of, or after school issues. We also provide support and 1&1 low or no cost tutoring assistance to help equip needy students with the skills they need to Aspire and Succeed

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We aIm to providie family and at risk youth counselling to help deal with crisis and life’s issues that depresses the family units often contributing to increase in poverty levels, incarceration rates, lifestyle diseases, joblessness, domestic violence, substance abuse and homelessness.

Go to Human services

Human services

Aiming to provide health, social and human services to under represented member within depressed communities to include families of Veterans; to reduce re-incarceration rate domestic violence, substa and homelessness

Go to Vocational Training

Vocational Training

Our aim is to reinstitute meanigful use to unemployable sector, provide employment resources, tech training and create job ready candidates to re-enter the workforce

Aging Services

Advocacy and Care Services include: Keeping elderly safe and comfortable in a homey environment. Ensuring their psycho-social and physical needs are met according to Maslow’s Hierarchical Model. That they enjoy autonomy and are treated with dignity and respect. We also place emphasis on nutrition, maintaining fluid and electrolyte status and directly deliver meals according to individual health needs. We also provide advocacy services for disenfranchised, elderly disabled and vulnerable clients

About PHX Outreach

Changing lives in the Inner-cities; one family at a time
Our Mission

PHX Outreach For Adults Children & Homeless INC is a 501 (c) (3) Charitable Organization which provides advocacy. skills training, resources and social services to the under served community members within the Greater Phoenix Area. Our main Goal is focused on strengthening our communities and keeping family units together, we want to provide counselling programs for youth enrichment; implement measures for reducing or eliminating homelessness, abuse, obesity, incarnation rate and hunger. We implement projects that keep our communities strong, diverse, and vibrant. Our first priority is to benefit low- and moderate-income individuals and families through:

  • After School Programs & Tutoring

  • Reducing re-incarceration and homelessness

  • Providing training and resources essential for job skills

  • Providing counselling to Veterans for PTSD; families, at risk youths


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